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Beside it's activity as the marketing and commercial affair partner of FIDAPLAST, and with FIDAPLAST forming the back bone of technical capabilities.

Rabwa Industrial & Trading offers the regional markets in Middle East and Africa a wide range of products and service working with quality and active business partners into these markets.

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1- Injection Molding:
    In collaboration with solid partners, Fida Industrial & Trading offers the finest and most complete range of

    products and services in the plastics injection molding line, that guarantees fulfilling your demands of

    injection molding.

   Fida supplies covers variety of products the full range of:

Injection machines from 60 to 3000 Tons clamping force.

Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine from 60 to 320 Tons clamping force.

PET preform injection molding machine from 140 to 420 Tons clamping force.

Molds for plastic injection.

PET preform molds.


2- Plasticizer Screw & Cylinders:
    Fida Industrial & Trading is the authorized distributor for plasticizer screws and Bimetallic cylinders for a global esteemed suppliers.

    Where the Bimetallic technology offers remarkable advantages to extend your extruder's service life to the extents of multiples. Plasticizing screws

    are tailored to your application with latest profile designs for maximum homogeneity and throughput made of nitrated or armored flight steels.



3- Equipment and components for plastic industry:
    Fida Industrial & Trading, utilizes the best resources of globaly fame suppliers to offer plstic processors and/or machine manufacturers wide

    selective range of best quality components and equipment for plastic processing machines.

Extruder Gear Box & Motor Drives

Take-Off Belts

Product coding printers

Gravimetric Dosing Systems.





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