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FIDAPLAST, was founded in the year 2000 as result of reformation within the older mother body Alfidaa industrial establishment to be the specialized plastic machinery manufacturer of the organization.

From the day established, FIDAPLAST aimed at achieving high specialization in manufacturing & supply of plastic extrusion lines & equipments for Polyethylene (PE) pipes , as well as for integral drip irrigation pipes -being fame of FIDAPLAST's activities recognized around the world.

The major factors that assisted FIDAPLAST to achieve it's current standing in all of the regional plastic industry markets , and gain trust of plastic processors in different fields of activity are the combination of the following:





Solid scientific backgrounds and engineering/technical support based on intensive research and development programs.


Long practical experience in manufacturing extrusion machinery and drip production equipment.


Real live experience in running plastic extrusion and processing units help to develop more of machine operation and human interface from the point view of actual users.


The ultimate support in automation and control systems by the specialized experts in Alfidaa Engineering Establishment, forming the backbone for advanced systems adapted in our machines.


Accurate selection of all essential parts & components applied in manufacturing of our machinery, where such equipment are carefully chosen from only first quality products of specialized esteemed suppliers manufactured to international norms.


Thanks to all of above and the intensive care in manufacturing processes, our products have proven for quality and performance with established reputee. This being evidenced by customer satisfaction all over our market range. And that includes the local Jordanian market and exports in Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. And to name few, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon Saudi Arabia, united Arab emirates, Iraq, morocco, Algeria, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Greece ... etc. where the first drip irrigation pipe production lines and machinery ever entered many of these markets were of FIDAPLAST's.



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