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FIDAPLAST specializes in manufacturing and supply of extrusion machines and equipment for plastic pipes as complete turn-key production lines, or parts and components for these machines. Among these, FIDAPLAST is highly recognized for it's supply programs for Integral Drip Irrigation Pipe production lines, as well as manufacturing and supply of component machineries for plastic extrusion such as extruders and down stream equipment.

Following are the main production activities in the two categories of plastic machine manufacturing and drip pipe production.


A- Integral Drip Irrigation Pipes Machinery (In-line dripper)
supplied as set of special purpose devices or in complete extrusion production line, FIDAPLAST supplies cover different types of applications as per dripper types like Flat, Cylindrical, or Strip dripper.

B- Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machines
For HDPE, LDPE, XLPE, and Corrugated pipes.





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