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Plastic Pipe Extrusion Lines and Components


Started as one of the very early activities in the organization, manufacturing of pipe extrusion lines has reached a very advanced and developed position in the machinery markets. where FIDAPLAST is now providing a world standard extrusion line and equipments for LDPE, HDPE, XLPE, PP-R plastic pipes in wide range of sizes up to 450mm in diameter, high throughput capacities, and optimized plasticizing and product homogeneity.

Supply program of these machines are either in form of complete production lines, or parts and components for extrusion processing as per customer requirement like extruder, take-off, winders…etc. Below are general description of these machines. For detailed specifications and special requirements, please feel free to contact us.







Single Screw Extruders :
- Up-To-Date technology. Nitrated steel screws of latest design to achieve high output & good

- Special lining Bimetallic barrels for high wear resistance Forced direct water cooling ring on

  barrel’s feed zone.
- Reduction Gear box as to AGMA with motor drives conforming to IEC standards.
- PID Temperature regulators .
- Programmable Electronic Motor Controllers
- Centralized programmable control and operation HMI station.

Die Heads :
- Developed designs and pressure profiles to ensure maximum output with production quality.
- Heating load with quality electrical heaters with subject to PID temperature regulation.
- Co-Extrusion head adapters for marking strips on pipe surface. (with mini co-extruder for the


Vaccum Calibration Units :
- Special vacuum circuit with precision vacuum pumps, water circulation pumps, vacuum calibration

  valve, and quick-drain valves.
- Automatic control of water level inside vacuum chamber.
- Direct inlet cooling ring.
Calibration sleeves (conventional/adjustable) for higher accuracy in pipe sizing.
- Powered motion of vacuum chamber adjustable 1, 2, or 3 directions.
- Water Collection Tanks, facilitate installation in plant.

Pipe Take-Off Unit :
- Multi-Caterpillar units with high quality rubber (belt/pads)
- Motor drives driven & synchronized by Programmable
- Electronic speed controller with fine speed control.
- Powered open/collapse.

Pipe Coiler Units :
- Welded structures with adjustable diameter.
- Electronic torque control.
- Collapse mechanism for easier pipe coil removal.
- Double coiler for smaller pipe diameters, with pneumatic powered mechanisms, and pipe layer

- Winders up to pipe size 125mm.

Control & Operation Systems :
- All equipped with highest quality electrical/electronic systems.
- Ventilated control/operation panels
- Digital synchronization with electronic programmable drivers.
- Built-in Protecting Main Circuit Breaker..
- Optional Central PC Monitoring System for monitoring and recording all production data










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