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Integral Drip Irrigation Pipes Production Machinery

Unique Mechanism Designs And manufacturing conducted By FIDAPLAST, Specially designed for 

 ultimate accuracy and highest performance with quality.

FIDAPLAST currently provides various solutions for the production of drip pipes for different dripper 

 designs such as the Flat Dripper, Cylindrical Dripper, or Strip Dripper.

All these are manufactured with state-of-art CNC machining centers for high precision, then machines

  are equipped with high precision microprocessor based control and operation system to ensure the 

  best accuracy of operation .


The enclosed control software developed by FIDAPLAST also includes special sub-routines enabling

  the control for insertion as dripper group spacing into the extruded plastic pipe.

The Supply program of these equipment covers supply in form of complete extrusion lines, or simply 

  the special attachments required for production of integral drip pipes on existing extrusion lines.

  Both  options are available in different sizes and capacities to cover the full range of production  requirement.

Production Capacities for different types are available in several options up to 80mtr/min or   300dripper/min.

  For detailed information on options and specifications please contact us.





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