About FIDAA Group

Fidaa group is an industrial organization of multiple companies located in central geographical spot in Jordan, working on several fields to serve different industrial sector in the local Jordanian market and neighboring regional markets., as well as expanding exports of specialized products and services to markets around the world.

Benefiting from the dedicated efforts of highly scientific backgrounds, long experience gained over three decades in the various fields of activities, the important geographical location, as well as the developing economical atmosphere and regulation in the country, the group could attain the current leadership in


activities in this short time despite the challenges met along the round from the very early start, to bring FIDAA to its current fame in the regional markets, recognized for quality of products and services supplied.


Mile Stones:

1983, the early start as a plastic processing unit that worked mainly on production of agricultural plastic products (pipes, fittings, ...etc.).

1986, in-house assembly of first plastic extrusion line for production of agricultural application PE pipe .

1988, developed first solution for production of integral drip irrigation pipe, assembled in-house on a PE pipe production line, to produce Integral Drip Irrigation pipes with locally developed machine.

1990, developed the first thyristor controlled DC motor speed controller within the electrical & electronic control division of the company.


1991, Alfidaa Factory (later named as Alfidaa industrial Establishment) separated as specialized plastic extrusion machinery manufacturing unit of two main divisions, plastic extrusion machinery department mainly specialized in manufacturing integral drip pipe production lines, and electronic control department.

1992, first export of complete extrusion production line for integral drip irrigation pipes.

1993, rapid expansion in both divisions with established production systems as machine manufacturers and electronic control systems solutions providers and components producers.

1995, moved to the new production plant. Alfidaa industrial establishment is now famous in Jordan and neighboring region for advanced solutions in both fields of PE & drip irrigation pipe machinery manufacturing & supplies, as well as automation and control system with wide variety of self produced electronic control equipment (DC motor controlled, Temperature controllers, digital counters & timers, panel meters...etc.), or application of most up-to-date equipments from esteemed global suppliers.

1996, export of first complete pipe extrusion production with centralized PLC control system.


2000, Reformation within the organization as the work has widely spread in spectrum and specialized as well. Automation & control division branched into separate body under name of Alfidaa Engineering Establishment. Other major activities in the plastic industries now covered under name of FIDAPLAST as regional trusted quality supplier for drip irrigation & PE pipe extrusion machinery, and Alfidaa Industrial Establishment as the groups plastic processing division.








2003, growing on global scale, FIDAPLAST represented the group in PLAST'03 industrial fair in Milan-Italy.

2004, FIDAPLAST bonds with Neptune Plastic & Metal Industries of India to expands activities into Asian markets and promotes drip irrigation pipe industry in Indian and neighboring Asian markets.

2007, with the long built know-how and experience in plastic Industry sector, reformation within FIDAPLAST branches RABWA Industrial & Trading as a sales and marketing wing of the group, as well as distribution of branded equipment and products for plastic industry.

The group's working together to provide regional and global partners with a high quality productive co-operation in both side of the equation, resource and supply.





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